The main concept of this still life is “Lapse of Time”. It took almost a year for me to fin-ish this work of art. 

  Indeed, not only my consciousness, but also the objects of painting and the space surrounding the canvas have been             affected by the lapse of time. After the completion of painting, the room was filled with distinct smell of oil and the             objects were covered with a thick layer of dust. Drawing the single painting over such a long period enabled me to                 reflect the lapse of time, which I myself and the objects got through, on the canvas. The beauty of contrast between             stillness of the objects itself and constant changes through time is exhibited in this still life.




                     Bachelor's Degree majoring in fine arts

                     University of Kyoto Seika.


         2018 FLORE Artist Gallery (Kobe)

                     "Canvas in visions "        

         2018  Jarfo Kyoto Gallery

                    "Figurative Art Exhibition - Figurative request"

         2018  Jarfo Kyoto Gallery

                    "Art Rainbow Project 2016-17 Return Home Report Exhibition"

         2017  Jarfo Kyoto Gallery

                    "28th Three-day exhibition"

         2017  Gyeongnam Art Museum (South Korea)

                     "International Residency Art Rainbow 2017 "

         2017  Enokojima Art, Culture and Creative Center (Osaka)

                     "The 22rd Art Move concours"

                     Juried Group Show

         2017  Kyoto Municipal Museum of Art

     "University of Kyoto Seika Graduation Exhibition."     

     2017  The Tokushima Modern Art Museum 

                     "Challenge Tokusima art festival"

                     Juried Group Show

     2016   GALERIE NICHIDO (Tokyo Ginza)

                     "The 3rd Future Exhibition"  

                     Juried Group Show

     2013  Tokushima Arts Foundation for Culture

                     "HOUBI Exhibition"

                     Juried Group Show


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